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Equine Nutrition

What is the best feed for your horse? It all starts with knowing your horse's life stage and activity level. Manna Pro® offers high-quality, nutrition-packed, irresistible equine feeds for every age and workload, from growing foals to performance horses and senior pasture pals! Explore Manna Pro's line of equine feeds to find your horse's new favorite!

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Your Horse is a Member of your family
You Only Want the Best for Your Best Bud

You trail ride on the weekends, and attend the occasional show, but most of all, you enjoy the time you spend at the barn with your trusted friend. Your horse deserves the best, and Manna Pro® horse feeds will provide just that! From our premium Super Horse® line of feeds to maintenance feeds, Manna Pro® has a feed for every need!

For All Ages

Covers all life stages from growing horses to senior pasture pals.

Complete Nutrition

Specially formulated for complete equine nutrition.

For All Activity Levels

Nutritional needs for every activity level.

Feeds Pocket Guide

Compare Manna Pro's equine feeds and find the best one for your horse here!

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Manna Pro's family of equine feeds are sold regionally to ensure quality, efficiency and affordability. To find a Manna Pro Equine Feed dealer near you, click the button below!