Complete Horse 12

Pelleted Feed for Mature Horses

Seeking a molasses-free, delicious, and nutritious equine feed for your horses that get ridden lightly or those that are pasture pets?

Complete Horse 12 Pelleted Horse Feed is ideal nutrition for your mature horse that may be in light work condition or your favorite companion horse.

  • 24% Fiber: Supports efficient digestion and optimal health.
  • 12% Protein: High-quality protein aids in muscle maintenance and recovery.
  • 2% Fat: Lower fat content that’s suitable for horses that are lightly ridden or not being ridden.
  • Fortified with Essential Vitamins and Minerals. Fortified with minerals and vitamins to support a shiny, healthy haircoat, hoof growth, and overall wellness.
  • Molasses-Free: Free of unwanted added sugar. 

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