2024 Chick Days

Happier Hens, Healthier You

Flock Party® is here to help you during the most magical time of year… baby chick season! Get your backyard ready for every magnificent egg, every charismatic cluck and each giggle-worthy moment with your girls.

Pamper your flock with an array of scrumptious, high-quality protein feasts and treats, plus some absolutely coop-tastic goodies in bright spring colors to liven up your outdoor space.

It's a season of celebration, and we're making sure the smiles extend from your beaming face right down to your clucking, contented little buddies. Happy Chick Days from Flock Party!

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Chick Days 2024

Tasty Protein Treats

We celebrate knowing both you and your flock are fully satisfied with our new Snack Mixes! Your flock will dance with delight when they learn what their new treat is prepared with!

Duck Delights

Our Duck Drinker and Feeder are specially designed to provide easy access to the nourishment and hydration that keeps your web-footed friends quackin’ and happy!

Coop-tastic Supplies

Give your girls the very best with amazing chicken coop supplies like drinkers and feeders featuring Flock Party's new spring colors!


$5 Off $25 Worth of Flock Party® Products!

From our variety of tasty, protein-packed treats to our coop-tastic supplies, we’re here to make your life with your ladies a healthy, happy experience each day. To help you celebrate your flock, enjoy $5 off your next purchase of $25 or more!