Performance XL™

Feed for the Equine Athlete

You play to win with your equine athlete and need specialized powerful nutrition that supports top performance in providing sustained physical energy and supporting intense mental focus.
Performance XL Horse Feed was created with Manna Pro® proprietary Sport Horse Nutrition Formula™ that helps maximize your equine athlete’s endurance, speed, muscle recovery, mental focus, and performance. 

Performance XL and all other Manna Pro equine products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely pleased, return the feed with your original purchase receipt to your retailer for a full refund. 

See you in the winner’s circle!

  • 8% Fiber: Built-in fiber for maintaining digestive tract health.
  • 12% Protein: Aids in muscle maintenance and recovery.=
  • 8% Fat: Increases the dietary energy density and optimizes physical energy. Delivers “cool” calories that enhance mental focus.  
  • Calf-Manna®: Provides high-quality protein for increased muscle development and fast recovery.
  • Max-E Glo® Stabilized Rice Bran: Boosts energy that supports optimal performance and mental focus.
  • Yeast Culture and Probiotics: Supports healthy digestion and imparts a delicious taste to please even the pickiest equine palate! 

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