Safe Performance® Elite High Fat

High-Fat Horse Feed

Safe Performance Elite High Fat is a beet pulp–based pelleted horse feed formulated without corn or molasses. Includes all the same great benefits of Safe Performance Controlled Starch Horse Feed, but with slightly less protein (12%) and higher fat (12%)

  • 16% Fiber: Built-in fiber for maintaining digestive tract health.
  • 12% Fat: Supports safe physical energy without increasing mental energy.
  • 12% Protein: Aids in muscle health and maintenance.
  • 12% Starch: Controlled moderate starch level for those horses where high starch intake is a concern.
  • Max-E Glo® Stabilized Rice Bran: Provides added fat and digestible fiber to maintain calories without added high-starch grains. 
  • No Corn and No Molasses. No starch level increase from corn or molasses.'
  • Beet Pulp-Based Feed: Excellent source of digestible fiber that helps significantly lower feed’s sugar and starch content.
  • Probiotics: Support optimal digestion.
  • Fortified with Chelated Minerals: Chelated copper, manganese, and zinc support healthy and strong hoof growth, enhanced immune function, and shiny coat and hair. 

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