Manna Senior High Fat Pellets

High-Fat Senior Horse Feed

Need a premium complete feed for your equine family member that’s not able to eat regular hay or pasture due to tooth loss?

Manna Senior High Fat Horse Feed is beet pulp-based and specifically formulated to give your older horses the optimal nutrition they need whether they’re in full retirement, doing ranch work, performing in competitions, or enjoying life as cherished companions.

The feed is designed so it can be fed “as is” or as complete feed wet “soup” for horses with teeth that can’t chew hay or pasture well enough to be digested.

The formula’s added biotin, built-in fiber, probiotics, and Calf-Manna give your senior family members the extra nutritional boost they need to continue to thrive as they age.

  • 16% Fiber: Built-in fiber for maintaining digestive tract health.
  • 14% Protein:  Aids in muscle maintenance and recovery.
  • 7% Fat: Supports physical energy and helps maintain normal weight.
  • 22% Starch: Controlled starch levels to help promote healthy digestive system.
  • Biotin: Maintains healthy and strong hoof growth.
  • Probiotics: Probiotics optimize healthy digestion.
  • Enhanced with Calf-Manna®: Calf-Manna provides high-quality protein for muscle development.
  • Can be Fed as a Complete Feed: Can be fed as a sole feed for those horses that can’t adequately chew and utilize hay and/or pasture.

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