Treat Time for Chickens: Manna Pro Superworm Swarm

Wouldn’t it be great if every candy bar we ate was good for us.  That is a dream we might not achieve, but for the girls in the hen house that is a reality.

Manna Pro Superworm Swarm is that unique poultry treat.

How could that be?

So, Superworm Swarm is a combination of three flock favorite insects for chickens, including Superworms, Beetles and Black Soldier Fly Larvae. The diversity of any food source is always good. So, the blend gets us variety of nutrients that chickens love and need. Birds love bugs, especially the SUPER kind!

Next is the composition of these two insect larvae.  They contain rich sources of Chitin, the exoskeleton of insects.  Chitin acts like fiber in poultry, just as wheat bran does in a mammalian diet.  It is digested but slowly and provides the structure the GI tract needs to remain healthy.

But chitin has been shown to develop a number of unique functions in the GI tract as it is digested.  Those that have been reported are: It can act like a pre and probiotic and alter or control the microbiology in the gut.  It has been shown to actually inhibit undesirable microbe, and actually produces small nutrients that can stimulate the growth and population of the “Good Guys”.

Larvae are actually made up of about 30% fat on a dry basis and are a very high value food items for animals because of this energy source.  But, beyond the energy, most larval fats have a very different composition than vegetable and animal fats we are familiar with.  So, this gives the backyard hens a different fat source than is likely in your feed or non-insect chicken treats like scratch grains, sunflower seeds or cracked corn.

Last but hardly least, is that Chickens, in fact most poultry, just go CRAZY for them.  Birds in general have very few taste buds. So, the attraction is mainly visual…Eye Candy…if you prefer.  Research has not determined all the factors, but the best assumption is birds are hardwired at birth to search out these types of items.

So, if you're looking for healthy chicken treats as a natural way to reward your backyard ladies, look no further than Manna Pro's Superworm Swarm. Now we just must hope someone develops one of those for us!