Manna Pro Superworm™ Swarm

Three Types of Insects, Three Times the Fun

At Manna Pro® we believe in Nurturing Life™. That's why we have crafted the Manna Pro Superworm™ Swarm treats for chickens. This poultry treat is a combination of three flock favorite insects and is a natural way to reward your flock.

Packed with protein, calcium and fiber, tossing out a handful of Superworm Swarm will deliver healthy and intuitive entertainment packed with nutrient rich benefits.

Give your flock what they deserve. Delight them with Manna Pro Superworm treats for chickens.

  • Nutritious treats for chickens. Contains a blend of superworms, New Bug to Market! Black solider fly larvae, and beetles!
  • Source of entertainment. Your poultry will enjoy this intuitive insect-based treat.
  • Great for wild birds! Provides essential calcium and fiber to your flock.
  • Combination treat. Three flock favorites to keep your flock happy and healthy.
  • High protein source. This treat contains 45% of natural proteins from insects!
  • New bug to market. Superworms are twice the size of Mealworm Munchies!