Super Horse® 12-12

Quality Textured Feed for Horses 

  • 12% Protein: Aid in muscle development and recovery.
  • 12% Fat: Provides physical energy without increasing metal energy.
  • 7% Fiber: Maintains healthy digestive tract health. Molasses: Infused with delicious molasse so your horses will eat every drop!
  • Calf-Manna®: Provides high-quality protein for muscle maintenance and recovery.
  • Digestive Aids: Helps optimize healthy digestion.
  • Premium Ingredients: Higher-quality feed is more nutrient dense meaning you can feed less.
  • Biotin: Supports healthy and strong hoof growth.

A Heritage of Quality

Super Horse is a premium line of products that offers your horse total nutrition in one convenient package. Our feeding system allows you to choose the precise feed type and formula to meet your horse’s specific life stage, roughage program, and energy level requirements. Super Horse uses only top-quality ingredients, refusing to substitute lesser ingredients to lower our costs. 

  • Choose the precise feed type and formula
  • Always made with top-quality ingredients
  • Higher-quality feed is more efficient, meaning you can feed less

The Super Horse Value Equation

Quality ingredients cost more. So, while you’ll pay a little more per pound for Super Horse feeds, since you don’t have to feed as much to your horses it actually costs you less per horse. A less expensive bag of feed could be costing you hundreds of dollars more a year to feed! And because Super Horse includes key ingredients such as Calf-Manna®, protected minerals and digestive aids, no additional supplements are needed, saving you even more money!

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