AccuBites™ Replenish: Proven Horse Electrolyte Supplement

accubites replenish

AccuBites™ Replenish

  • Delicious, feed-anywhere horse electrolyte Soft Chews
  • Combatting horse dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
  • Making sure horses get enough electrolytes when they need them
  • Easy, stress free way to administer electrolytes for horse hydration


Wondering how to keep your horses hydrated with a convenient, non-messy, tube-free, and hassle-free horse electrolyte supplement?

What about one you can hand-feed on the trail, at shows or on hot days when your horse desperately needs hydration?

Want a delicious electrolyte your horse will actually eat and not leave “dollars” lost at the bottom of a feed bucket?


Manna Pro has your back! The most effective equine electrolyte supplement is one your horse will actually eat. AccuBites™ Replenish by Manna Pro helps solve common horse electrolyte supplement challenges like dehydration in horses, your horse refusing, messy usage and more.

AccuBites Replenish features a delicious formulation your horse will vacuum up. AccuBites' unique shape and color is easily noticeable so you can tell when your horse has eaten it. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you aren't wasting money and your horse is getting optimal nutritional support.

Additionally, like all Manna Pro horse supplements, AccuBites Replenish features quality balanced ingredients that are proven to support your horse’s health and wellness. Finally, an electrolyte supplement you can believe AND see!

AccuBites helps your horses stay hydrated, making AccuBites one of the best horse electrolyte supplements available. Read on to find out how AccuBites Replenish can be a convenient solution for your horse’s electrolyte needs.

accubites replenish horse electrolytes

What is AccuBites Replenish?

AccuBites Replenish is an electrolyte soft chew for horses that you can add on top of your horse's diet or feed by hand. Conveniently replenish your horse during exercise, at the ring, on a trail and whenever your horse needs electrolyte support.

  • Replenishing horse supplement. AccuBites features a unique shape and color that stands out so you can see when your horse eats it.
  • Hydrating and supportive. Helps replenish electrolytes and encourages your horse to drink more water, helping to prevent dehydration.
  • Enhances immune health. Infused with vitamin E to support immune health.
  • Easy-to-feed-anywhere. This uniquely shaped supplement can easily be fed “as is” in small amounts prior to, during, or after exercise. A convenient, non-messy, tube free, and stress-free way to make sure your horse gets its needed electrolytes.
  • Chunky and soft chews for accurate feeding. You’ll immediately see when your horse has eaten the soft Chews because of the unique chunky shape and color. Take the guesswork out of giving your horse electrolytes and say goodbye to messy paste.
  • Delicious. Made with a delectable blend of real turmeric and molasses flavor that your horse will love to eat!
accubites replenish electrolytes for horses

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Try AccuBites Replenish equine electrolyte supplement risk free today with Manna Pro’s 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely happy with the product, return it with proof of purchase to your retailer for a full refund.

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