AccuBites™ Replenish

Supplements are only effective if your horse eats them. Introducing AccuBites™, a new line of supplement blends that take the guesswork out of supplementation.

Each formula is designed for palatability and has a unique shape and color that stands out when top-dressed on feed, so you can immediately confirm your horse’s intake.

AccuBites™ Replenish includes a convenient, carefully balanced combination of electrolytes and Vitamin E for immune health and electrolyte support during times of stress and physical activity.

Finally, a supplement you can see AND believe!

  • Replenishing Horse Supplement: Includes 27 oz. of precision horse supplement that stands out when top-dressed on feed.
  • Hydrating and Supportive: Helps replenish electrolytes during times of stress and physical activity and encourages water consumption.
  • Vitamin-Packed: Supports immune health with Vitamin E.
  • Easy to Feed: Unique shape can be fed in small amounts during exercise or top-dressed on feed to maintain electrolyte balance.
  • Highly Palatable: Made with a blend of real turmeric and molasses flavor your horse will love!