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Since 1842, Manna Pro has been dedicated to Nurturing Life and producing high quality, nutritionally wholesome supplements, feeds, and treats for every life stage of your flock.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing your chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, and guinea fowl with the very best, we’ve created a line of 5 new lip smacking (aka beak-smacking) poultry treats.

The new Farmhouse Favorites™ treat line is sure to please the pickiest of poultry palates, provide supplemental nutrition that supports your flocks’ health and well-being and a fun way to reward and enjoy your feathered family.

Manna Pro Farmhouse Favorites™ Double Bug Mix

The Double Bug Mix of dried insects including Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Mealworms is not only a perfect snack for your domestic birds, it’s also equally wonderful for wild birds!

  • Healthy Treat. Composed of a blend of black soldier fly larvae and mealworms
  • Great for all Birds. Suitable to feed to geese, turkeys, ducks, chickens, guinea fowl, and wild birds.
  • High Protein Source. Formulated to furnish a nutritional treat or reward for growing and adult poultry fowl.
  • Encourages foraging. The Double Bug Mix stimulates birds’ natural foraging behavior.


What our customers say…

“My chickens absolutely love these! Anytime I go outdoors and grab some of these for them, they always follow. They love them so much. I could hardly even get it open before they all started running up and trying to eat them. I left the bag open on the ground once and they started eating them right from the bag.

They sure do love these. I'm happy that they can enjoy them too. What a great treat this is for them. I love that it's a double mix, so not only does it have mealworms, but black soldier fly larvae as well. I love watching my chickens search around for these as well. Sometimes I'll add a bit in with their food and they'll start searching around for them.

I enjoy my chickens, so it's nice to treat them too. I'm so glad they're happy, so that makes me happy. What a wonderful mix for them. Definitely highly recommend this.”

~ Kathy123 Double Bug Mix 5 star review


Manna Pro Farmhouse Favorites Triple Bug Mix

The Triple Bug Mix includes the same delicious black soldier fly larvae and mealworms that are in the Farmhouse Favorites Double Bug Mix - PLUS beetles! The tasty treat trio of dried insects is like a triple-flavored ice cream cone for humans!

  • High protein source. Provides growing and adult poultry fowl a nutritional protein-packed treat or reward
  • Healthy treat. Made with a bug trio of nutritious beetles, black soldier fly larvae, and mealworms
  • Great for all birds. Made for guinea fowl, turkeys, geese, ducks, chickens, and wild birds.
  • Encouraging poultry treat. The Triple Bug Mix supports birds’ natural foraging behavior.


What our customers say…

“I bought this chicken treat bag from Manna Pro Farmhouse Favorites Triple Bug Mix for my girls last month. They go absolutely crazy for it. They prance and act like I'm the best person they ever met when I come down to the run with this bag in my hands. I have noticed their feathers seem shinier too. They love it.” ~ Nicnack Pittsburgh, PA Triple Bug Mix 5 star review


Manna Pro Farmhouse Favorites Garden Treat Thyme 

At Manna Pro, we appreciate that animals are our companions and providers. Whether you raise blue-ribbon show birds or simply enjoy the entertainment and eggs from your backyard flock, we know you’ll want to treat your feathered family with delicious and wholesome Garden Treat Thyme bird treats.

The Garden Treat Thyme is a wonderful way to reward your bird family!

Give your flock the year round tasty goodness of a bountiful garden. The treat is made with premium ingredients including sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and real fruit and vegetables.

For added zest, Garden Treat Thyme includes specially formulated thyme and oregano herb pellets.

  • Premium Mixed Grains. Includes specially formulated Thyme and Oregano natural herb pellets to provide added deliciousness.
  • Great for all birds. Suitable to feed to wild birds, guinea fowl, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys.
  • Healthy treat. Created with a nutritious blend of beets, raisins, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and more!
  • Encouraging poultry treat. This high energy feed supplement supports natural foraging behavior.


What our customers say…

"My free range girls love Farmhouse Favorites Garden Treat Thyme. It's full of pumpkin and sunflower seeds, raisins, peas, oregano and thyme, different oats and many other fruits and veggies. I mix it in with their daily scratch grains to give them a balanced diet of vitamins and minerals. They get bored with plain grains. I toss a little in the yard and they go crazy foraging for it. A 4lb bag goes a long way if mixed in. Sometimes I'll give them a small scoop by itself as a treat. I give a 5* and absolutely recommend.” ~ Aprillin New Castle, PA Garden Treat Thyme 5 star review

Manna Pro Farmhouse Favorites Sunflower Mix Up

Chickens and other birds naturally want to scratch or “forage” about the yard hunting for tasty tidbits like bugs, plants, and seeds. Scatter Farmhouse Favorites Sunflower Mix in their enclosure regularly to provide them with a nutritious and enjoyable wholesome grains mix!

Your feathered crew will love searching for and eating the hearty grains while you enjoy watching their antics as they munch and crunch.

  • Healthy treat. A nutritious mix of sunflower seeds and other wholesome grains that’s a nutritious and enjoyable treat for your feathered friends.
  • Great for all birds. Great for turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, guinea fowl, and wild birds.
  • Premium mixed grains. Features Non-GMO purple corn combined with hearty & healthy grains.
  • Encouraging poultry treat. Encourages birds’ natural foraging behavior.


What our customers say...

“My ladies loved this sunflower seed mix. It is high quality with no sticks or anything that’s not supposed to be there. I couldn’t put it down fast enough and they were eating like crazy. Totally happy with this product. Definitely will be purchasing more in the future. Shipping was fast and reliable.” ~ Flutie63 ~ Williamstown, NY Sunflower Mix Up ~ 5 star review

Manna Pro Farmhouse Favorites Mealworm Coop Cake

The Mealworm Coop Cake is a tasty snack cake your birds will love!

  • Tasty entertainment. Keep your feathered family entertained with the 3-pack of delectable coop cakes!
  • Great for all birds. Approved to feed to wild and domestic birds including guinea fowl, turkeys, geese, chickens, and ducks.
  • Healthy Treat. Created with a tasty blend of dried mealworms & sunflower grains, these nutritious treats are a great boredom buster!
  • Encouraging poultry behavior. The Coop Cakes encourage birds’ natural foraging behavior.


What our customers say…

“My chickens loved the Manna Pro Sunflower & Mealworm Coop Cake! It’s packed with nutrition and it lasted them about a week. I have never seen them so excited with any of the other treats I have given them before. I’m so happy I got this! This product is packed with the right amount of nutrients for them. I recommend this product.” ~ Mary330 ~ Detroit, MI Mealworm Coop Cake ~ 5 star review

In addition to our fabulous Farmhouse Favorites treats for chickens, be sure to check out our other healthy flock snacks.


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