Minis to the Max: Best Treats for Miniature Farm Animals

Miniature farm animals are all the rage. Mini horses, mini cows, mini donkeys, micro pigs, pygmy goats and more provide the fun and entertainment of full-size animals in a smaller package. Think less acreage for grazing and less feed.

Did you know Manna Pro® offers special treats for miniature farm animals? You might be wondering, "Why should I buy a treat for my special mini friends when there are lots of options in the treat isle?" Hopefully this information will help you make that choice.

Currently a new line of treats under the brand “Farmhouse Favorites™” is available for Mini-horses, Mini-donkeysMini-goats, Mini-cattle and Mini-pigs at Tractor Supply.

It seems obvious, but the shape and size of a treat is quite important. A key reason is smaller animals cannot always easily eat a larger size. Since treats are usually quite palatable they can become overly aggressive in consuming the treat and the concern can be choking.

You might decide I can just break a larger treat and give the pieces. You certainly can, but frequently then too many treats can be fed and that is a concern as well.

Because of the difference in body size as adult’s certain nutrient requirements need to be adjusted. Though not all the needs are fully understood, paying attention to this concern is important in how much of each nutrient and ingredient is provided. Keeping the available energy in these treats at the proper level is also important to maintaining a healthy friend.

Generally small animals need a little more energy/calories than larger animals, but one of the challenges is for the owner to adjust that to the proper amount. A 1000 pound horse is quite a bit larger than a 150lb mini-horse, but do we always adjust the amount of the treats we feed?

Many times we do not. The result is that many minis can become overweight. So, keeping the amount fed correct, so the owner can enjoy the experience of treating their buddy just as much as the larger animal.

Explore Farmhouse Favorites treats for mini farm animals below!