AccuBites™ Radiance: Skin and Coat Supplement for Horses

accubites radiance shiny coat and mane and tail

Have you ever wished you could physically “see” if your horse ate all its nutritional supplements so you know every last morsel is supporting its health and well-being?

Want the simplicity and ease of an “all-in-one” value-added supplement that supports a healthy shiny coat, and enhances mane, tail, and strong hoof growth?

Frustrated from the money you’ve “lost” from a supplement you purchased only to have your horse give it the “hoof” and refuse to eat it?

Manna Pro has what you need. Introducing AccuBites™ Radiance supplement for horses that helps promote healthy and strong skin and coat, mane and tail, hooves and more.

accubites radiance

What is AccuBites Radiance?

As you probably know all too well, supplements are only effective if your horse eats them. How do you get your horse to actually take their supplements? AccuBites Radiance feature unique shapes, delicious taste, and precisely balanced nutrition, all in a supplement that's proven to enhance your horse's skin, coat, main, tail and hoof health.

AccuBites Radiance horse supplements take the guesswork out of giving your horse the best. This formula for shiny skin and coat and healthy hoof care is designed to be irresistible to horses, with nutrients that support your horse's hoof wall, damaged hair and skin cells.

The formulation has a unique shape and color that stands out when top-dressed on feed so you can see your horse’s intake. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your horse isn’t missing out on nutrients and the money you’ve invested in supplements is not being wasted because your horse won’t eat them.

accubites radiance horse supplement

Like all Manna Pro equine supplements, the AccuBites Radiance blend includes convenient, precisely balanced ingredients proven to support shiny horse hair follicles, healthy hooves and more. Finally, a supplement you can see AND believe!

Let’s take a detailed look at AccuBites Radiance and see how it can help support your horse’s nutritional needs.

Benefits of AccuBites Radiance Coat and Hoof Supplement for Horses

AccuBites™ Radiance is an easy-to-feed, delicious, pelleted horse supplement that includes a precisely balanced combination of ingredients that support skin, coat, and hoof health and help manes and tails grow thick and shiny.

  • Unique shape and color. Larger pellets are easy to identify when top-dressed on feed so you can instantly see when it's consumed by your horse. No more worrying that your horse didn’t eat all of its supplement!
  • Delicious taste and easy to chew. Easy to chew pellets are full of scrumptious flavors your horse will love - real alfalfa, flax, and kelp.
  • Enhances mane & tail growth. Specific nutrients support mane and tail growth, helping to keep to grow thick, shiny, and strong.
  • Packed with essential vitamins. Infused with essential amino acids for proper growth and development.
  • Comprehensive horse health supplement. Supports skin, coat, mane, tail, and hoof health with a proprietary blend of methionine, biotin, vitamins, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Radiance is a “one and done” supplement solution to support your horse’s health and well-being. No need to feed multiple supplements and incur extra expense to achieve a healthy and shiny coat, strong hooves, and a luxurious mane and tail!

accubites radiance skin coat for horses

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Today Try AccuBites Radiance risk free today with our 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely delighted with the results, return the product with proof of purchase to your retailer for a refund.

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