Select Series® PRO Formula Rabbit Feed

Rabbit Diet - Complete Feed

For generations, top breeders have relied on Manna Pro® Select Series® feeds and supplements to achieve award-winning results time after time. Choosing the finest-quality feed and sticking with it gives your rabbits the consistency needed for a winning condition. Manna Pro Select Series feeds and supplements are made with only the finest ingredients to ensure top performance and condition. 

Manna Pro Select Series PRO Formula is a 16% Protein, complete feed for all rabbits. It is the ideal choice for those with multiple classes of rabbits.

Select Series Pro Formula offers a number of unique benefits:

  • High in dietary fiber (adequate fiber is essential for proper digestion and gut health)
  • Firm, durable pellets (helps to minimize waste and enhance feed intake)
  • Helps reduce the risk of digestive disorders

Available in 25 lb and 50 lb sizes.