Our Commitment to Your Pets

Nurturing Life

In all we do, we aspire to respect our people and partners, benefit the communities and protect the environment in ways that translate to a better world for the pets and pet parents we serve. Creating positive impact on the lives of People, Pets, and the Planet!

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Sally Mae
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Nothing's More Natural Than Caring For an Animal

There's a lot of responsibility that comes with owning the animals you love, but the ways in which they pay you back make every minute worthwhile. We'll gladly shoulder some of that responsibility, so you can experience life with your animals to the fullest.
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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Manna Pro is committed to nurturing the environment by encouraging waste reduction through recycling and other environmentally friendly practices!

Energy Conservation

Our Manna Pro milk replacers & colostrum supplements are not only specially formulated for baby animals but are energy-efficient!

These products are mixed at a lower mixing temperature at 110, saving energy while mixing completely to provide quality nutrition for the first few critical weeks of life.

Renewable Resources

Our 5-star rated Manna Pro Fresh Flakes™ is made from pine shavings harvested from renewable forestry resources! All-natural and compostable, Manna Pro Fresh Flakes™ is both good for the environment and your flock!

Conserving Together

Manna Pro is a proud sponsor with the National Livestock Conservancy, as they work as a catalyst to sustain rare breeds and reintegrate the animals back into agriculture & food systems.