2023 Chick Days

Happier Hens, Healthier You™️

FLOCK PARTY® helps you reward your backyard beauties for each spectacular egg and every entertaining moment by providing a wide variety of tasty, high-quality protein meals and treats your chickens deserve along with coop-tastic products you desire.

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Chick Days 2023

Tasty Protein Treats

We celebrate knowing both you and your flock are fully satisfied with our new Snack Mixes! Your flock will dance with delight when they learn what their new treat is prepared with!

Breakfast Blends

These premium blends are nutritious and fun, an irresistible treat for a flock looking to party. Add warm water for a cozy treat on a cold morning!

Duck Delights

The perfect, floating treat for your ducks or geese! Watch your flock swim with delight towards this rewarding treat. Plus, hardgoods specifically designed for their duck bills!

Coop-tastic Supplies

Give your girls the very best with amazing chicken coop supplies like drinkers and feeders featuring Flock Party's new spring colors!

THE LABOR OF LOVE Let's Hear it for the Girls

Owning chickens is an exciting and rewarding experience, and Flock Party® products help you reap the benefits from your labor of love

Protein Packed Meals

Blended with Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae Provides a Sustainable and Natural Source of Protein for Your Flock! Our complete diets are the only insect blended feeds rich in nutrients, probiotics, unique proteins and designed to support optimal hen health at every stage of your flock’s life.

Tasty Protein Treats

Ranging from dried insects to fish and shrimp, filled with nutritious protein, fiber and fat for when your girls deserve a little something extra.

Coop-tastic Supplies

Essential and stylish coop accessories and goods to make your girls’ home the best-looking spot on the block.

Your Flock Dancing with Delight

$5 Off $25 Worth of Flock Party® Products!

From Rising Chick to Egg Maker Layer Crumbles or Pellets and our festive Garden Grains, we're raising our glass (or should we say eggs) to happy, healthy flocks everywhere. It's one party you won't want to miss! Cocktail Attire Optional.