Feed for Chickens - 16% Layer Crumbles with ProBiotics

Nutritious Hen Feed

Manna Pro®'s crafted 16% Layer Crumbles are a complete and nutritionally balanced chicken feed for laying hens. Formulated by nutritionists who are dedicated to helping you raise strong, vibrant animals, this product is packed with added probiotics to support gut health. The Manna Pro Layer Feed is free of artificial colors and flavors. This complete layer feed is made with wholesome, natural ingredients to promote egg production in healthy chickens. Healthy chickens mean healthy eggs.

  • Promote Egg Production: Manna Pro 16% Layer Pellets are packed with protein to support optimal egg production.
  • Probiotics Promote Gut Health: Manna Pro Layer Crumbles are supported with probiotics to enhance gut health and digestion.
  • Crumble Formula: Your mixed flock will enjoy the crumble feed as it’s easy to ingest and limits waste.
  • Free From: Artificial colors and flavors.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: Manna Pro is committed to providing your animals with the highest quality products possible.

Available in 8lb and 30lb bags.