5 Quart Duck Drinker

Drinker for Ducks and Geese

Flock Party® Duck and Goose Waterer is a great accessory to add to your coop collection. It provides easy access for duck bills, is easy to clean, and is made with a heavy-duty carry handle!

This drinker holds 5 quarts of water and even features an easy-to-see water level. Take care of your backyard beauties with the Flock Party Duck & Goose Waterer!

  • Easy Access. Your ducks will have easy access to water.
  • Heavy Duty. Heavy-duty plastic provides ease when carrying the drinker when full.
  • BPA Free. Made out of BPA-free plastic and easy to clean.
  • Water Level. Designed with an easy-to-see water level.
  • Durable. This waterer can hold up to 5 quarts of water.