YolkTube By City Yolks: New video series for raising backyard chickens

Backyard Chicken Owners Flock to YouTube

Expanding our online community

Great news, City Yolks! In addition to Instagram, Facebook, and the Nurturing Life™ goat and poultry blog, we have launched a video series on YouTube for our community of backyard chicken owners and enthusiasts! The channel, YolkTube™ by City Yolks, is the latest resource from Manna Pro that expands its social community of City Yolks™.

With the rapid growth of urban and suburban chicken ownership over the last decade, the City Yolks community was created online to allow first-time and established chicken owners to share tips on living sustainably with their flock and how to be the best neighbor to them. Backyard chicken ownership grew even more during the COVID-19 pandemic, and YolkTube was created to meet the needs of this growing community.


What does YolkTube have to offer? Glad you asked!

“Our new YolkTube™ by City Yolks video series will help both beginners and experienced bird owners navigate the ins and outs of raising backyard chickens in the city or suburbs, focusing on coop building, chicken breeds, nutrition, bird behavior and much more,” said Amanda Terbrock, poultry senior brand manager, Manna Pro.


The video topics were selected based on the most popular Google searches related to backyard chickens as well as the most engaging discussion and content on Manna Pro’s City Yolks social pages. The videos also feature prominent chicken influencers, such as Peaches to Pearls and Modern Hippie Habits, who share their personal experiences and helpful tips and tricks from their own backyards.


Here are some videos you can find on the YolkTube channel now:

How to Build a Chicken Coop in the City Part 1:

Learn about the checklist of must-haves BEFORE you begin building a chicken coop in the city, such as: local ordinances, picking a breed, and building your brooder.

DIY Chicken Coop in the City Part 2:

Kathy Vegh, founder of Cutest Coops, discusses the best tips and tricks she’s learned as an expert coop designer. Discover the best spacing options, protection features, and watering and feeding products for your backyard chicken coop needs!

The Best Chicken Breeds for Your Urban Homestead:

There are so many chicken breeds to choose from! In this video, meet current backyard chicken owners that tell us about their favorite breeds. Find out what makes each breed unique and which chicken breed might be the right choice for you and your backyard!

Chicken Feed Facts What you Need to Know:

These backyard chicken owners talk chicken nutrition and reveal their favorite Manna Pro feed products to keep their chickens healthy, happy, and laying eggs!

Backyard Chicken Behavior What is your Hen Telling You:

Margaret Johnson drops by to give you the scoop on what your chicken behavior might be telling you! Find out what behaviors to look out for and what they mean to keep your flock happy and healthy. 


How to join City Yolks online
To view these videos and more, subscribe to the YolkTube™ by City Yolks channel on YouTube. To see what all the squawk is about with the City Yolks community, follow @CityYolks on Instagram and Facebook.

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