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 Reviewed by a Licensed Veterinary Technician, December 18, 2023


Stabilized Rice Bran Horse Supplement Solutions for Weight Gain, Cool Energy and Helping Senior Horses Thrive


Have a horse you’re having trouble keeping weight on?

Want to give your performance horse an energy boost that doesn’t result in “carbohydrate crazy” behavior that can come from increasing a grain ration?

Struggling to find a cost-effective horse supplement that gives “one and done” coverage to optimize your senior horse’s health and well-being?

We’ve got you and your horse covered! Meet Max-E-Glo® Stabilized Rice Bran and Max-E-Glo Senior horse supplements. Both are proprietary premium Stabilized Rice Bran products that pack a powerful cost-effective nutritional punch!

Let’s take a nutrient trail ride on the stabilized rice bran equine supplements road. Learn how Max-E-Glo products can help your horses:

  1. Gain weight
  2. Increase “cool” energy
  3. Fuel optimal nutrition for super seniors


What is Stabilized Rice Bran?

Rice Bran refers to the brown outer layer, the most nutritious part of the rice, that surrounds the white rice kernel that humans eat. Manna Pro uses a special milling process to separate the bran from the rice kernel.

Stabilized Rice Bran means it has gone through a specific process that “stabilizes” it so the nutrition value is retained.

In contrast, Raw Rice Bran becomes rapidly rancid as it contains an enzyme that breaks down the bran’s fat. As a result, spoiled raw rice bran has an unpleasant odor, isn’t palatable, and should not be eaten.

Max-E-Glo’s unique heat stabilization process alongside quality assurance testing ensures nutritious, delicious, and high-quality rice bran for one year from the manufacturing date!


What is Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran, and What Does Rice Bran Do for Horses?

Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran for horses is a superior equine performance supplement that’s formulated specifically for horses. The product is available in both meal and pellet options and offers numerous essential nutritional benefits for your horse.

Benefits include:

  • Delicious and highly digestible
  • Mixes well with other horse feeds to supply an effective premium performance supplement
  • High in plant-based fat to boost energy
  • A one-year freshness guarantee ensures your horse gets tasty and fresh product in every serving
  • “Cool” nutrition made with a high fiber and fat content maintains energy without the hyperactive behavior that comes with adding high-starch options


What are the potential health benefits of feeding rice bran to horses?


Max-E-Glo benefits include:

  • High Protein and Fat Levels. Plant-based naturally occurring fats supply Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and “cool” calories to support body and coat condition.
  • Packed with Antioxidants. Naturally occurring Gamma Oryzanol and Vitamin E aid in maintaining normal neuromuscular function and a healthy immune system.
  • Guaranteed Freshness. Max-E-Glo’s proprietary stabilization process guarantees the supplement’s freshness for one year.
  • Controlled Starch. High digestible fiber and fat levels provide optimal, safe energy without the hyperactive behavior that can result from high-starch supplements.
  • Skin and Coat Shine. Max-E-Glo Senior features Omega 3 Fatty Acids gleaned from Flaxseed which support optimum coat and skin health, leaving your horse’s coat shiny and strong.
  • Delicious. Horses love the wholesome natural taste of Max-E-Glo giving you peace of mind that every mouth-watering bite supports their daily nutrition.

See the Max-E-Glo Difference: Max-E-Glo’s high-quality ingredients and unique stabilization process make Max-E-Glo the preferred choice in Stabilized Rice Bran by so many horse owners!

Everything Your Horse Needs, Nothing They Don’t: Quality nutrition doesn’t need to be complicated! Horse lovers everywhere appreciate the effective, no-nonsense nature of our Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran formulas. And, the benefits speak for themselves!


Introducing Max-E-Glo Senior!

For over 161 years, Manna Pro® has been making feeds and supplements that help horses maintain health and strength. We believe that every animal that comes down our path deserves the best nutrition possible, and that’s why we’re proud to provide Max-E-Glo Senior Stabilized Rice Bran.

Max-E-Glo Senior is formulated specifically for senior horses with added ingredients to help keep them on feed, maintain a healthy weight, and support digestion. This is why Max-E-Glo is the preferred choice in Stabilized Rice Bran by so many horse owners.

Max-E-Glo Senior contains the same great Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran base and includes additional nutrients to help seniors thrive during their golden years!

Max-E-Glo Senior benefits:

  1. Aids in Digestion: Contains Calcium, Yeast, and Probiotics to support optimum gut health and digestion and ensure proper absorption of essential nutrients.
  2. High Protein and Fat Levels: Assists older horses in maintaining body condition and weight so they continue to feel and look their best during their golden years.
  3. Made for Senior Horses: Small, soft pellets are easy for older horses to digest and chew, even as tooth quality decreases, ensuring complete utilization of the supplement’s nutrients for optimal health and wellbeing.


How to Feed Max-E-Glo

Max-E-Glo is a premium equine-stabilized rice bran supplement specifically formulated to boost the nutritional value of your horses’ daily feed. Feed Max-E-Glo along with the horse’s regular daily ration.

Max-E-Glo equine supplement can be fed to all life stages from weanling through mature horses.

The high-fat-controlled starch supplement is an efficient and cost-effective approach to:

  • Provide calories to support healthy growth in young horses
  • Amplify body condition in underweight horses
  • Safely fuel activity of hardworking performance horses

Given each horse has unique dietary needs, check with your equine nutritionist and/or veterinarian to choose the best approach in adding Max-E-Glo to your horse’s diet. 


Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran Daily Feeding Instructions

Maturity Activity Level Amount
Weanlings   2 oz per 100lbs of body weight per day
Yearlings   2 oz per 100lbs of body weight per day
Two and Three-Year-Olds  Not in Training .75 - 1lb per day
Two and Three-Year-Olds  In Training 1 - 1.5lbs per day
Mature Horse Not in Work .5 - 1lb per day
Mature Horse Light Use 1 - 1.5lbs per day
Mature Horse Heavy Use 1 - 2lbs per day

* (based on 1,000lb horse)


What is the Shelf Life of Max-E-Glo?

Max-E-Glo has a one-year shelf life and freshness guarantee giving you peace of mind your horse is getting delicious, fresh product at every feeding.

Why is Max-E Glo Stabilized Rice Bran the Best-Quality Rice Bran Available for Horses?

Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran is manufactured with the industry’s highest quality standards. It’s all natural, non-GMO, and gluten free.


Max-E-Glo Customer Reviews

Manna Pro has over 161 years of experience nurturing life in bringing equine nutritional supplement and horse feed solutions to horses and their people. We’re honored to be a trusted source and industry leader for quality equine feed and supplements.

Below are just a few recent Max-E-Glo reviews:

“I have fed this alone and mixed into their regular grain and my horses love it! Since adding the Max-E-Glo, I’ve noticed their coats and manes look better already. This has provided the extra sustenance they need during the cold winter months. I will continue to add this into their diets and I’m so glad we found it! Adding this to our feed has not increased the feed bill much and the benefits outweigh the cost.” -Lmachd49

“I have fed this product through all the stages of my mare’s life -from her championship competition years to her retirement. She is now a healthy, retired 29-year-old who looks and feels great. She looks forward to her special bucket every night.” -Vachon, RVT


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Where Can I Buy Max-E-Glo?

Max-E-Glo is available at Tractor Supply, local farm and home stores and online.


See the Max-E-Glo Difference

We hope you’ve enjoyed the ride in learning how Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran horse supplements can provide solutions for your horses’ nutritional challenges: gaining weight, providing cool and consistent energy, and helping senior horses thrive.

Max-E-Glo’s unique stabilization process, premium ingredients, and reputation as the preferred choice for multitudes of horse owners are just some of the reasons to try the Stabilized Rice Bran supplement for yourself!

The premium supplement is “everything your horse needs and nothing they don’t”. Quality nutrition doesn’t need to be complex.

In feeding Max-E-Glo Stabilized Rice Bran trusted and proven equine supplements, you’ll get results you can see. The product is made with the essential high-quality nutrients your horses need to thrive and enhance performance from weaning all the way through to super senior status!


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