15 Must-Know Horse Grooming Tips and Secrets

Posted by Gabby Gufler, Fri, Aug 30, 2013

When it comes to horse grooming, many of us already know the basics. But how do you get your horse to really shine? Follow these top-secret grooming tips to set your horse apart from the competition!

  1. A beautiful coat starts with good nutrition. Add an Omega-3 fatty acid supplement to your horse’s diet for added shine. We recommend Manna Pro® Simply Flax™.
  2. Have a dark-coated horse that is prone to fading? Provide shade and consider outfitting the horse in a sheet. Did you know that sweat in the coat accelerates fading? Rinse sweaty horses before turning them out in the sun.
  3. For white socks or stockings, dust the legs with baby power or cornstarch to get them really white.
  4. Sponge your horse’s face clean after exercise to prevent fungal hair loss.
  5. If you clip the inside of your horse’s ears, place cotton inside to deaden the buzz and prevent hairs from entering the ear canal.
  6. When currying, begin by using a circular motion to loosen dirt, then use a stiff body brush to remove it. Always brush from front to back, top to bottom, for the most efficient effort.
  7. Although tedious, keep your brushes clean as you go! Clean the bristles with a metal or rubber curry.
  8. Let mud dry before attempting to brush it out, or hose your horse off.
  9. Bathe your horse, but don’t overdo it! Spritz your horse with Corona® Detangler & Shine to help deter dust.
  10. Have a horse with a coarse tail? Use a hot oil treatment in addition to your regular equine conditioner to soften the hair.
  11. To remove large snarls from manes and tails while minimizing hair loss, use your fingers to “finger comb” through the hair, gently untangling one knot at a time. The use of a good detangler, such as Corona Detangler & Shine, will make the process much easier for you and your horse.
  12. To reduce static electricity in manes and tails, keep dryer sheets handy!
  13. Like to pull your horse’s mane? Try pulling a little each day after exercise when their pores are open.
  14. When braiding, banding or training a mane over to one side, use mane mousse to help get all the hairs under control.
  15. 15. Be sure to let your horse roll in the dirt once in a while—it’s not permanent!

Check Out the Corona 2-Step Grooming System

  1. Step 1: Bathe your horse with Corona Concentrated Shampoo
    • pH balanced and gentle enough for daily use
    • Lanolin- and protein-enriched for a stronger mane and tail
    • Over 125 washes per 32 oz bottle and 400 washes per 3L bottle!
    • Voted the best horse shampoo by Horse Journal
  2. Step 2: Spritz your horse with Corona Detangler & Shine
    • Acts as a UV barrier to help prevent sun-bleaching of manes and tails
    • Quickly loosens tangles and leaves behind a soft, smooth, shiny finish
    • Helps repel dust, dirt and stains to keep your horse looking their best!

Gabby Gufler

Gabby Gufler graduated from Truman State University in 2013 with a BS in Animal Science & Nutrition and a minor in Equine Science. Gabby currently works on Manna Pro’s marketing team, and enjoys competing regularly with her six horses.