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Assembling Our Cup A Water Poultry Drinker

Are you looking to try a new drinking system for your flock? If so, Flock Party has you covered! They have a great line of products, including the Flock Party Cup A Water Poultry Drinker. This container is completely clear, easy to assemble, and can be suspended above ground to allow easy access for drinking. These Cup A Water Poultry Drinker can also hold up to four gallons of water, which is amazing for those of us who have a large flock to tend to! Not to mention the overall size, which is another fantastic feature because it makes cleaning it out that much easier!

The Cup A Water Poultry Drinker does come preassembled with the hook attachment on top for hanging and has two precut holes in the front for the poultry watering cups to be inserted. The watering cups are very lightweight and just the right size for the flock to drink from. Each cup has a small, moveable nozzle inside that allows water to flow at a nice pace. Water will only flow from the nozzle into the cup when it is touched. This feature is great because it creates a better water management system and decreases the chances of wasting water. Each cup also has a tiny washer at the end to ensure a tight seal so the water inside the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker does not leak out once it has been attached.


Using the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker and watering cups is extremely convenient and can be fully assembled in less than 2 minutes!

Starting with the watering cups, you will remove them from their packaging and follow the written instructions located on the back on the package. You will insert each cup (one at a time) into the proper precut hole in the front of the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker. Be sure to turn the cups clockwise until you reach a tight seal. Once you have both cups inserted properly to the holes, it is ready for use.

Next, you will open the lid on top of the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker and fill it with water to the desired amount you need depending on your flock size. The measurements can be found on either side of the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker and are listed in gallons and liters. After filling it with water, you can hang the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker anywhere you’d like your flock to have access to it. Keep in mind their height in comparison to the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker so they can reach it accurately (typically 3-4” above ground). Always double check that the lid is completely closed and locked into place!

Hanging the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker is a simple step and can be accomplished by using a variety of methods. It depends on the type of environment or enclosure your flock has. Using steel screw hooks is a good way of suspending the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker above ground inside their living area, especially if it will be installed to wood or metal for permanent hanging or long-term use.

The Cup A Water Poultry Drinker can also be hung outside of a poultry coop or pen. If you choose to hang the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker on the outside of a fence, you can have the red drinking cups be the only accessible piece to the flock (through the fence holes). You can also assemble the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker from the inside of the coop or pen after it has been hung up (and prior to filling with water). This can be a good option if you are trying to discourage your flock from climbing on or into the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker. It can be a good deterrent to keep the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker clean of unnecessary dirt or even possible feces. Refilling the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker from an outside hanging attachment can certainly make it more convenient as well.

It is recommended that other water sources be removed prior to introducing the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker so your flock will have a smooth transition to this new drinking system. If for some reason you feel your flock has not figured out how to use the Cup A Water Poultry Drinker, you can always add a small amount of plain yogurt (or any other safe food source for poultry) to the end of the drinking cup nozzles. That will help entice the flock to use their beaks to touch the nozzle, therefore filling water into the cups and teaching them the new way of drinking water. Another great way to encourage touching to the nozzle would be to add dried mealworms to the cups. It would only take a few pieces of dried mealworms in each cup under the nozzles if you choose this method. The dried mealworms will naturally float in the water once it is dispensed into the cups and this would also teach them the same basic skill of touching the nozzle to produce water.  


Not only is this product great to use, but putting everything together was so straightforward. When you have limited time on your hands, it can be frustrating to have a project take longer than expected or having instructions that don’t make any sense at all. That is something I did not experience while building this item. This was beyond painless from start to finish and the end result exceeded my expectations! I literally said to myself “Why haven’t I been using this the whole time?!” This is definitely a product that I highly recommend to anyone who has poultry and is looking for a better solution to their current drinking arrangements.

Beth M

Hi there! I’m Bethany! Im a 31 year old mother of one and an Arizona native who accidentally fell in love with hobby-farming. I currently have 12 chickens, 3 dogs, 2 horses and 2 rabbits. Plus tons of fresh chicken eggs everyday! I truly enjoy my little backyard farm and it has opened my eyes to so many wonderful things, including a great community of animal lovers like myself! I’m so thankful to have the life I’m living and to be part of such a fun group of people and companies who care so much. I honestly had no clue people actually lived their lives like this, but now that I’m in the middle of it I absolutely love every minute of it! Happy farming friends! 


Mr Ed 04/02/2022, 3:43:38 PM

How do I purchase a replacement cup, one of them is leaking and ruining my coop. I have cleaned it and adjusted it, still leaks.

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