How to Beat Rising Egg Prices

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Recession-Proof Your Refrigerator with Manna Pro Poultry Products


“A box without hinges, key, or lid,

Yet golden treasure inside is hid.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit

If you’ve purchased a dozen eggs in the last few months you’ll likely agree with J.R.R. Tolkien’s clever riddle that “golden treasure” perfectly describes how costly and sometimes elusive eggs have become within the last year.

What's the best solution to recession-proof your refrigerator and protect yourself from rising egg prices? Raising your own backyard chickens!

how to raise backyard chickens for eggs

Before we delve into the advantages of having your very own backyard flock, let’s find out what's causing the spike in egg prices and the latest chirping about the egg price surge making headlines in major United States news outlets like The Wall Street Journal.

Why are eggs so expensive right now?

The spike in the average price of eggs is due to an economic tsunami of increased feed costs, supply chain struggles, rising energy costs, and a devastating bird flu outbreak.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was first detected in the United States in February 2022 and has affected over 57 million birds in backyard and commercial flocks in 47 states.

Maro Ibarbura, business analyst at the Egg Industry Center at Iowa State University, notes in the Washington Post, “The flu is the most important factor affecting [consumer] prices,” and says in comparing the recent outbreak to the last one in 2015, the US lost 10 million more infected birds.

commercial chicken farming

Is there an egg shortage?

For many of you, recent grocery store trips may have left you frustrated when greeted by barren shelves with nary and egg to be found. For those lucky enough to find J.R.R. Tolkien’s “golden treasures”, chances are you were restricted on carton quantities.

You are not alone! A recent New York Times article noted there is an egg shortage in some areas of the US, however not a dire one, and attributed the shortage to increasing costs of packaging, feed, fuel, and the bird flu outbreak.

Bonappetit concurs that some US stores are experiencing an egg shortage resulting in some stores limiting the number of cartons customers can buy.

rising egg prices limited cartons

When will egg prices come down?

That is the million-dollar question!

The soaring egg prices that began in 2022 have decreased slightly in 2023 though significant drops aren’t expected any time soon.

Michal Swanson, chief agricultural economist at Wells Fargo, notes in the Washington Post that 2023 egg prices will depend on the degree avian flu is managed. Swanson observes in the short-term egg prices will remain high. He anticipates, however, price decreases as producers boost production.

US producers are currently working on replacing egg laying hens lost to the bird flu. Getting flock inventory back to pre-bird flu numbers is a slow process. It takes around 4 - 10 months to produce an egg laying hen depending on the breed and time of year the chick was hatched.

Due to ongoing inflation, it’s likely egg prices won’t return to the “norm” we knew even after the bird flu disease is mitigated.

How to protect your wallet from rising egg prices

Investing in your own backyard flock of laying hens is a great way to control egg prices rising and provide you, your family, friends, and neighbors with a fresh source of sustainable protein.

In addition, when comparing the cost to produce chickens versus other livestock, the USDA notes, “poultry converts feed to human food products (meat and eggs) more efficiently than larger livestock.” More efficient feed conversion means poultry products net more bang for your food budget buck.

Your egg producing poultry ladies can also be an additional income source and/or a thriving side business in supplying eggs for your community or local farmers’ market! Read on for more benefits to raising backyard chickens.

backyard chickens for eggs

Benefits of raising backyard chickens

  • Sustainability: Raising your own flock of healthy egg laying chickens is a sustainable way to consume eggs. Egg-laying domesticated birds like chickens, ducks and geese provide a protein rich food source that won't be impacted by supply chain issues or other changes to food systems.
  • Efficiency: You can start your egg farm with hens that are already actively laying eggs. It’s a faster turnaround time than waiting for farmers to rebuild their flocks of egg laying hens. It takes around four to ten months to grow from a newly hatched chick into an egg producing hen, depending on breed and time of year the chick was hatched.
  • Freedom and control: You’re not left wondering about when or if there'll be a significant decrease in egg prices that gives your family’s food budget some relief. Nurturing your own flock gives you independence and self-reliance in not having to depend on the supply chain.
  • Independence from Unknowns: The Avian flu or “bird flu” has significantly impacted egg prices for close to a year, and there’s no guarantee that the flu won’t return in the future. In raising your own healthy flock, you’ll protect yourself from the unknowns.
  • Affordability: Once you invest in your laying hens, coop, and supplies, you’ll have eggs for life when you keep your chickens happy and healthy. At Manna Pro we’re here to help you do just that! Additionally, chickens provide two protein sources: eggs and meat, making them one of the most economical farm animals.
  • Manna Pro is a trusted resource for your backyard chicken needs: Manna Pro offers supplies and products for the urban farmer, hobby farmer, and everyone with an interest in animals. We have poultry experts to answer your questions, chicken products for all life stages from chicks to laying hens, and educational Nurturing Life articles to help you keep your flock at its finest.
backyard chickens

Find Backyard Chicken Supplies Near You

What kind of supplies do you need to get started with raising backyard chickens? Check out our top picks below with links to find these products near you today!

Chicken Coop Supplies List:

  1. Egg Incubator: Nurture Right 360 Incubator
  2. Chicken Coop Door: Harris Farms Manna Pro Automated Coop Door
  3. Chicken Coop Bedding: Fresh Flakes Bedding
  4. Calcium: Oyster Shell
  5. Chicken Feeder: Harris Farms 7-lb Feeder
  6. Chicken Drinker: Harris Farms 5-qt Drinker
  7. Chicken Treats: Garden Delight Poultry Treat
  8. Chick Starter: Medicated Grower Crumbles

Backyard chickens are a sustainable and fun solution for recession proofing your refrigerator, ensuring ample sources of protein, and protecting your wallet from egg price increases.

At Manna Pro we’re here to support you with poultry products for raising your own healthy and happy backyard flock that produces budget friendly “golden treasures.”

Don’t hesitate to contact us, and find more chicken-raising tips on Facebook and Instagram.

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