Colostrum Supplement

Essential Nutrition + Probiotics for Newborn Animals

  • All-Milk Protein Enriched with Vitamins + Minerals
  • Powered by Opti-Gutto Support Gut Health + Digestion
  • Easy-to-Mix for Fast Prep + Optimal Consumption
  • Nurtures 9 different species:
    • Calves
    • Foals
    • Goat Kids
    • Lambs
    • Alpacas
    • Llamas
    • Elk Calves
    • Fawns
    • Baby Pigs

Available Sizes: 

       1 lb.

The Science Behind Opti-Gut:

  • Formulated with specialized derivatives of the yeast cell, sometimes called "sticky sugars," and probiotic bacteria.
  • Bad bacteria in the digestive tract attach to the "sticky sugars" and are excreted in the feces.
  • Feeding probiotics helps support the number of good bacteria in the digestive tract.

Manna Pro Opti-GutClick Here to learn more about Opti-Gut, Manna Pro's natural recipe, complete with probiotics, for supporting a healthy gut.


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