Colostrum Supplement

Essential Nutrition + Probiotics for Newborn Animals

Colostrum Supplement
  • All-Milk Protein Enriched with Vitamins + Minerals
  • Powered by Opti-Gutto Support Gut Health + Digestion
  • Easy-to-Mix for Fast Prep + Optimal Consumption
  • Nurtures 9 different species:
    • Calves
    • Foals
    • Goat Kids
    • Lambs
    • Alpacas
    • Llamas
    • Elk Calves
    • Fawns
    • Baby Pigs

Available Sizes: 

       1 lb.

The Science Behind Opti-Gut:

Opti-gut is a blend of natural ingredients, including both contents of the yeast cell and probiotic bacteria. Together, these ingredients help control harmful bacteria and support the population of good bacteria in the the digestive tract.

Manna Pro Opti-GutClick Here to learn more about Opti-Gut, Manna Pro's natural recipe, complete with probiotics, for supporting a healthy gut.


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