Manna Pro Sends 20,000 Animal Products and Financial Support to Houston

Donation will help animals affected by Hurricane Harvey


Contact: Beth Rogers

Manna Pro Products LLC


St. Louis, MO (Sept. 6, 2017) -- To help pet and horse owners cope with the devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, animal nutrition and care company Manna Pro Products has sent approximately $150,000 worth of products to organizations in Houston.  The company is also matching employee donations to the American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) and several other organizations to support relief efforts.

“It’s hard to imagine all of the losses that people in Texas are facing, but it’s our hope that this support will ease some of the worries pet owners have about caring for their animals,” said John Howe, President, Manna Pro. “We’re grateful that the AAEP and other organizations are able to distribute our support to help those in need.”

Manna Pro has donated more than 20,000 items from its Nutri-Vet®  division of dog and cat products. Items include vitamins and pro-biotics; nursing, calming, and dental products; and shampoos. The company is also providing financial support to AAEP due to the difficulty of getting supplies from outside of the region to affected horses.

In addition to AAEP, Manna Pro is matching employee donations to the American Red Cross, to provide needed resources such as shelter and meals to police and rescue teams.  Employee donations are also being matched for the Houston SPCA to support its animal rescue and relief efforts.

Manna Pro’s blog article: How You Can Help: Hurricane Harvey Horse Rescue Organizations has received over 900 views as well as comments from consumers who are making donations. Individuals who want to support any of these organizations can find donation information on the Manna Pro blog Stable Thinking:


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