Manna Pro Launches Nutrigood™ Low-Sugar Snax for Horses

Low starch treat has 80 percent less sugar than leading brand 

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St. Louis, MO (Sept. 7, 2017)  – A new, all-natural horse treat from Manna Pro has hit retail shelves and online sites, bringing horse owners a low-sugar, low-starch option that can be safely used for training or simply bonding with their animals, without the negative effects of too much sugar and starch.  NutrigoodTM Low-Sugar Snax is ideal for all horses, including overweight horses, horses with metabolic challenges, or for owners who want to limit sugar and starch intake.

Nutrigood has no added sugar or molasses, yet is proven to be highly palatable to horses. In third-party testing with more than 1,000 horses, palatability for the treats scored very high.

“Nutrigood has all of the flavor of a traditional treat, but without all the sugar,” said Carolyn Adams, Senior Brand Manager at Manna Pro. “Our research showed a strong interest among horse owners in a treat that offers a combination of flavor and low sugar, so we felt confident that we should pursue the development of Nutrigood. After more than a year of tweaking the ingredients and testing the palatability, we’re excited to bring this unique product to the equine marketplace.”

The new horse treat was formulated through a collaboration of industry experts including Bill Sadler, PhD, Director of Product Development at Manna Pro and Rob McCoy, PhD, Vice President of Nutrition at Manna Pro.

With only natural sugars present, the product has 80 percent less sugar and starch than the leading treat. This figure is based on the percentage of NSC (non-structural carbohydrates) of leading horse treat brands, as tested by a third-party lab in April, 2017. NSC represents the combination of starch and sugar. Horses with metabolic issues, such as laminitis, Cushing's disease, or Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM) will benefit from reduced levels of NSC.

Nutrigood has no artificial colors or flavors and is made in the USA, ensuring that the manufacturing and ingredient sources are high quality. The treat is available in two flavors:  apple and carrot-anise. 

Manna Pro is confident that customers will be happy with Nutrigood, backing it up with a “Great Taste Guarantee” in which the company will refund the purchase price if a customer is not completely satisfied. A sampling of comments from consumers who tested Nutrigood with their horses reveal strong support for the product:

  • “I did this trial with more than 15 of my horses- they ALL had the same reactions. (This is) the first 'low sugar' treat they have liked that well!”
  • “My horses wanted more! I like that they are low sugar and just the right size.”
  • “Even my extremely picky horse loved the treats.”
  • “Every horse loved them and I like that they are good for easy keepers.”


Horse owners can find free samples of these treats at participating retailers nationwide. To find stores that carry Manna Pro products, visit



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