Find out which celebrities are all about chickens
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Celebrities Raising Backyard Chickens

Find out which celebrities are all about chickens, who thinks there should be a Chicken Lady Day, and who says they are the Chicken Whisperer.


While these celebrities may be the stars of the show, their backyard chickens deserve an award for their supporting role. From fame to feathers, these stars share which backyard chicken breeds they have, tips for backyard chicken coops, and how they keep their best supporting actors and actresses happy while off-camera.


Jennifer Garner

Nothing says “look at my pet chicken” like Jennifer Garner walking her chicken on a leash!

Garner showed how seriously she takes chicken care when she posted a photo of her walking her chicken, Regina George, on Instagram with the caption: “If there isn’t a Chicken Lady Day 🐣, there really should be. Man, my life gets more exciting all the time. Meet one of our ladies, 🐔Regina George. Regina loves long walks, dehydrated bugs, and kale. Regina hates….carbs.


Garner has also posted photos on her account of her Silkie pet chicken, Hennifer, and eggs from her laying hens.

Check out this article for the best egg laying chickens and products that will make your chicken a happy, healthy chicken!

Chris Pratt

Just when you didn’t think you could love Christ Pratt more, you find out he is all about raising backyard chickens and farm life.

“She’s got eggs. She knows how to use them. #farmlife,” Chris Pratt wrote when he posted a photo of his chicken in the hen house.

Chris Pratt’s hen is pictured laying on a bed of straw in its roost. While straw is one type of bedding you can use in the roost for your egg laying chickens, find out other materials that can be used for bedding here.


Nicole Richie

In this article by Architectural Digest, Nicole Richie describes how she matched her chicken coop to look like her gorgeous Beverly Hills home.

In the article, Nicole states, “The new house didn’t have a coop. We had to build them one, so we did a miniature version of my own house in terms of color and style.”

Add some style when building a chicken coop for your own hens and chicks with these DIY chicken coop designs and ideas.

Isabella Rossellini

In this Vanity Fair article, Isabella Rossellini discusses her book, My Chickens and I, and what her experience has been like with poultry farming.

Isabella posted a photo of her Gray Cochin chicken on Instagram with the caption, “My chickens also model. This one is a Gray Cochin – I love her plumage. It looks like a couture dress in the making #fashion #chickstagram.”

Speaking of fashion, check out this chicken that’s ready for scarf season!

Do your chickens wear scarves? We could do a “who wore it better!” Use #CityYolks and @CityYolks to have your chicken photos featured on City Yolks Facebook and Instagram.


Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling posted a video to Instagram proving why she is the Chicken Whisperer with this caption: “So excited this little chick 🐥 has joined our family. Dean and kids surprised me for my bday! Fun Chicken Fact: If you hold a baby chick on its back and rub its belly females will fall asleep and males will fight you. #itsagirl🎀 #chickenwhisperer.”

In the video, Spelling is seen rubbing the baby chick’s belly until it appears to fall asleep.

Interested in hatching eggs for your own baby chicks? Learn about egg incubator 101 from YolkTube by City Yolks!

Martha Stewart

In a article, Stewart divulged she first began raising chickens when she bought a 50-acre farm in Massachusetts.

“We converted a homemade plywood playhouse into a secure habitat for our first flock of laying hens, and had a neighbor take care of them when we were gone. They provided us with we needed, and the fun of raising the birds and learning about different breeds hooked me forever,” she stated in the article.

When Stewart moved to Bedford, New York, she explained she increased her flock to 200 hens, in addition to some roosters, guinea fowl, and geese. Due to her increased flock, Stewart redesigned her chicken coop to accommodate more backyard chickens.

Stewart advised, “If you're interested in keeping chickens, keep in mind that each bird will need at least two square feet of space in the coop, and plenty of room (at least 10 square feet each) to roam freely outside. It's also important to buy healthy ones from reputable breeders.”

Stewart shared she purchased her chickens from My Pet Chicken.

Discover other backyard chicken breeds and view list of reputable hatcheries where you can buy your backyard chickens here.


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bernyirodo 02/05/2022, 11:21:02 AM

She has been a proud chicken owner. And then there are the celebrities who merely aspire to chickens.

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