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Lexol® Leather Tack 3-in-1 Quick Care

Professional Leather Care in One Easy Step

Lexol 3-in-1 Leather Care cleans, conditions and protects your leather in one easy step. The Lexol 3-in-1 formula gently and effectively lifts dirt from leather. It also helps to condition, soften and rejuvenate stiff leather. Plus, Lexol 3-in-1 has a UV protectant in the formula that helps protect your leather from the drying and bleaching effects of the sun.

  • Cleans, conditions and protects leather in one easy step
  • The only equine leather care product that protects leather from sun damage
  • Lifts dirt from leather
  • Softens and rejuvenates stiff leather
  • Two out of three riders prefer Lexol 3-in-1 over other brands

Available in an easy-to-use 16.9 oz spray bottle.