Super Horse® Manna Senior

Feed for Senior Horses

Looking for a premium feed that will meet the nutritional needs of your senior horses, help them maintain a healthy weight, and have added probiotics to support healthy digestion?

Super Horse Manna Senior Horse Feed is a delicious beet pulp-based feed specifically formulated for nutritional needs of older horses. Built-in fiber, biotin, and probiotics enhance your horses’ healthy digestion while biotin supports healthy and strong hoof growth. It’s also infused with Calf-Manna to deliver high-quality protein for healthy muscle function.

  • Formulated Specifically for Senior Horses: Created with premium ingredients to meet the special nutritional needs of senior horses.
  • Probiotics & Built-In Fiber: Supports optimal digestion.
  • Calf-Manna®: Provides high-quality protein for muscle maintenance and recovery.
  • Biotin: Aids in healthy and strong hoof growth.
  • 12.5% Protein: Aids in healthy muscle maintenance.
  • 4% Fat: Supports physical energy.
  • 16% Fiber: Maintains healthy digestive tract health.
  • 18% Starch: Controlled moderate starch level for those horses where high starch intake is a concern.
  • Beet Pulp-Based: Excellent source of digestible fiber.
  • Molasses: Adds a delicious taste horses love!

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