Manna Pro® Pleasure 12%

Pellet Feed for Pleasure Horses

Want to make sure your feed supports your horse’s physical energy without adding too much “go”? Need a feed that can be used to “stretch” your hay and/or pasture supply?

Manna Pro Pleasure 12% Horse Feed is a nutritious and delicious pelleted feed specifically formulated for horses that are occasionally ridden vs. those in extensive daily work.

Your best buddy will love the luscious molasses flavor while you have peace of mind he/she is getting high-quality nutrition that supports overall health and well-being! 

  • 24% Fiber: Maintains healthy digestive tract health.
  • 12% Protein: Substantial protein supports optimal muscle maintenance and recovery.
  • 4% Fat: Supports physical energy.
  • 21% Starch:  Controlled moderate starch level for those horses where high starch intake is a concern.
  • Molasses: Delicious molasses flavor ensures your partner will eat every drop!
  • Can be Used to Extend Hay or Pasture: Flexible to feed if hay or pasture availability is reduced.

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