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2013 Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner! Kathy Walker

Spring is almost here and with that comes one of our most favorite times of the year ..."milk season." Milk season is a time to enjoy the birth of all the adorable baby animals you've work so hard for. They're not just cute and cuddly, they're important to you and your family, and because of this, you want to raise them to be healthy.

Manna Pro is ready to help you. We have everything you need to provide your baby animals with superior nutritional support! In addition to our full line of premium milk replacers, Manna Pro has created an easy-to-read guide that you can reference along the way.

To download the Young Animal Nutrition Guide, click here

2014 Photo & Video Contest!

It's back! The Annual Baby Your Babies Photo Contest is here and guess what...we're shaking things up a bit and adding a new video category! As if all those crazy cute photos aren't enough, we want to see your young animal in action! Be the proud parent we know you are and submit a photo and/or video of your baby animal.

One Grand Prize winner will take home $1,000 - Plus one runner up winner will be selected from each of the following categories:

Mother's Love - Sweet photos of baby animals with their mamas!

Human Touch - Who can stop cuddling those cute baby animals long enough to take a photo?

Sweet Siblings - Twins? Triplets? A whole liter? That's a whole lot of cute!

LOL - For those goofy, costume wearing, silly-face making babies.

BFF - A kitten and a duckling? A puppy and a goat? Multi-species photos are fantastic!

Look at Me - The perfect category for that one superstar baby animal!

NEW! Lights. Camera. Animal. - Our newest category for young animal videos! Show us why your baby animal is destined for Hollywood.

Wanna See Something Pretty Darn Cute?

To view the 2014 Baby Your Babies Photo and Video Gallery, click here

2014 Photo Caption Contest!

Wait ... there's more!

The photo caption contest is back and waiting to see your fun and creative side shine.

Each week, throughout the promotion, we'll choose one photo entry and post it to one of our Facebook pages, for our Facebook fans. We'll ask you to submit a caption and at the end of the week we'll choose a winner to receive a prize, plus we'll edit the photo to include the winning caption and let our fans share it with all their friends!

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