Leather Care: Protecting Fine Leather

Lexol Leather Cleaners and Leather Conditioners for smooth leathers.

For over 80 years, horse owners have trusted Lexol to preserve the beauty and durability of their fine tack and leather goods. Lexol Cleaner is specially formulated to match the pH of your leather so it cleans without harming, unlike traditional saddle soaps can. And Lexol Conditioner restores natural oils, protecting your tack from cracking and drying. For light colored leather, use Lexol Neatsfoot - it conditions without darkening. So, protect your investment with Lexol, the best care for leather. Learn About Leather Care Lexol has put together a comprehensive guide to cleaning, conditioning, and storing your leather saddles and tack. Read our guide to learn the best tips and techniques for protecting your leather. Watch this fantastic video that demonstrates how Lexol is best applied. Misconceptions in leather care are common, so we have put together an FAQ on 4 Common Leather Care Myths to guide you in your leather management program.