A Premium Line of Horse Feed

Super Horse®: A Heritage of Quality

Super Horse is a premium line of products that offers your horse total nutrition in one convenient package.  Our feeding system allows you to choose the precise feed type and formula to meet your horse’s specific life stage, roughage program, and energy level requirements.   Only top quality ingredients have been used in Super Horse from the very beginning.  Over the years, we have steadfastly refused to substitute lesser ingredients to lower costs, ensuring the quality and consistency Super Horse feeders have come to expect in every bag. 

The Super Horse Value Equation

Quality ingredients cost more.  So, while you’ll pay a little more per pound for Super Horse feeds, since you don’t have to feed as much to your horses, it actually costs you less per horse.  A less expensive bag of feed could be costing you hundreds of dollars more a year to feed!  And because Super Horse includes key ingredients like Calf-Manna, protected minerals, and digestive aids, no additional supplements are needed saving you even more money!

Choose The Right Super Horse Formula For Your Horse

Super Horse Products


Formulated For

Performance 10

-A 10% Protein/6% fat textured or pelleted feed

-Mature performance horses

-Gestating Mares

-Off-season Stallions

Performance 12

-A 12% Protein/6% Fat textured or pelleted feed

-Mature performance horses

-Gestating Mares

-Off-season Stallions

Performance 14

-A 14% Protein/6% Fat textured or pelleted feed

-Growing horses

-Young performance horses

-Lactating Mares

-Breeding Stallions

Elite 10

-A 10% Protein/10% Fat extruded feed

-Mature performance horses

-Gestating Mares

-Off-season Stallions

Broodmare & Foal Developer

-A 15% Protein/4% pelleted feed

-Foals from weaning to one year of age

-Mares in late gestation through lactation


-A pelleted mineral and vitamin supplement with Protected Minerals and Manna E®



-Growing Horses

-Performance Horses


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