Manna Pro - Rapid-Flex

MannaPro - Rapid-Flex

Bailee Bain Show Low, AZ
Peggy - Quarter Horse, 23 year old Mare
We love Rapid Flex. My daughter got an old mare, Peggy, from a friend in August of 2008. She was out in pasture for about 5 to 6 years. We started feeding her Rapid Flex and could see how well she does on it. We always have people asking what we feed and of course I tell them. I know quite a few have stated theirs on it also. I would just like to thank you for such a great product and I know I will keep spreading the word on your product.

Linda Wachtmeister Scottsville, VA
Winsome Adante - English Thoroughbred, Gelding, horse is in retirement
Rapid Flex really helps Dan with the aches and pains of getting older. We’ve noticed that he is a lot more active out in the fields and is much sounder now that he is on Rapid Flex. Plus, he loves the taste!

Sarah E. Schrom Worcester, NY
Citi on Fire- Thoroughbred, Mare
Citi on Fire shattered her sesamoid racing on the track. Although most horses with that type of injury are immediately put down, her groom was able to care for her for over two months and protect her from being euthanized. Despite the wonderful care given by her groom, Citi made a little progress towards recovery. Time had run out for the horse and almost everyone thought it was time to put her time. I decided to give Citi a chance anyway, even though her prognosis was grim at best. When she arrived at my farm, it was about two and a half months after her injury. She was still three-legged lame, unable to put on any weight on her injured leg. There was a tremendous amount of swelling and heat in the fetlock that extended all the way down to the coronary band. I immediately started her on Rapid Flex at the recommended dose. It is now only six weeks since starting her on the supplement and she is actually WALKING. She is still lame and has a long way to go, but every vet who looked at her thought she had no chance to even recover to that point. She now puts all her weight on the injured leg and lifts her other leg totally off the ground to take a step. When she arrived six weeks ago, she was hopping and just barely touching her toe to the ground when she was resting her leg. The swelling and the heat has also dissipated. Everyone is stunned not only at the fact that she is healing, but at the RATE at which she is healing. Rapid Flex really does work. I have used it with other horses and highly recommended it. It’s just a wonderful product at a wonderful price and I know that Citi on Fire wouldn’t be where she is today in her recovery if it wasn’t for this supplement.

Gisela Cobb Harlem, GA
I have a 26 year old mare named squirrel. About 2 months ago she went lame. She could hardly move at all, I called the vet who said she had lamitis and there was not much she could do but give her pain medication and i should get ready for the worst. I went on the internet because i was not going to give up on her. I read about Rapid Flex and started her on it. Two months later she is walking great! Today she trotted for the first time. It was the greatest thing in the world. Thank you manna pro for this great product.. I have started my other 2 horses on it also so thank you again for giving me my horses health back! No more pain meds. I would recommend it to all horse owners!

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