MannaPro - Manna Senior

MannaPro - Manna Senior

Gloria - Broodmare, Mare, 25 years old
Gloria came to us from a rescue in Miami where she had been literally used up as a broodmare. The owner had good horses that had fallen into starvation and illness due to his neglect. 11 were taken into custody and Miami rescue asked us to help since we have a good track record rehabilitating impossible cases. It was unsure whether or not the mare would even survive the trip. When she arrived, she was just over 500 pounds. The driver from Bookledge walked her off the trailer with tears in his eyes. We got to work with our magic combination, Manna Pro Senior 3-4 times a day, small meals, free choice supplements, good orchard/alfalfa hay and lots of prayers. Gloria has a way to go, but thought you would like the see what your great product has done for her. Well over 100 pounds gained in just under 3 months, great for a 25 year old mare who has suffered severe starvation and neglect.

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