MannaPro - Manna Senior


MannaPro - Manna Senior
Special Care for Your Life-Long Friend.
Manna Pro’s Manna Senior® has been part of your community for generations, helping to care for the special needs of older horses.  Our senior companions have given so much to us and they deserve the best care in their golden years.  Manna Senior is specially formulated to give them the nutrition they need with enhanced palatability to keep them eating regularly.  That’s why Manna Senior is the preferred choice in senior feed for so many owners. Manna Senior provides the nutrition senior horses need:
Calf-Manna® provides high quality protein and helps keep your senior horse on feed. Protected Minerals provide bioavailable copper, manganese, and zinc to help reduce stress and contribute to overall health. Manna E® our blend of yeast, probiotics, and enzymes helps your senior horse with digestion of their whole diet. Built-in Fiber including beet pulp, provides complex carbohydrates, a great fuel for older horses.
Vegetable Oils are an excellent source of calories and essential fatty acids, helping to assure a shiny, slick coat. Biotin, Methonine, and Zinc  are key nutrtients that help assure sound overall hoof health in senior horses Vitamin C is an important antioxidant supplement for senior horses, so plasma levels remain high. Diamoind V® Yeast Culture increases digestibility of the ration and improves palatability.


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