Calm Coat PreClip is a grooming spray that improves coat smoothness and reduces stress for animals getting their coats clipped or trimmed.

For more information, contact: Carolyn Adams, 636-681-1787,

Chesterfield, Mo. – Horse and dog owners can now give their animals a more comfortable clipping or trimming experience when they use Calm Coat® PreClip™ grooming spray. As the only pre-clipping product on the market, PreClip marks a major advance in the clipping process, which is often tedious for owners and uncomfortable for animals. PreClip works with all brands and types of clippers to keep blades cooler longer, and reduces blade wear and tear. It also helps groomers achieve an even, smooth cut in less time – and the high-quality finish means fewer touch-ups.
Carolyn Adams, Brand Manager at Manna Pro Products LLC, says the company is excited to introduce a completely new product that solves a common grooming problem. “Prior to PreClip, there was no similar grooming product that improves the coat clipping process for both the groomer and the animal,” she says. “But now, trainers and groomers can get the long-lasting results of a professional finish while also creating a more comfortable experience for the animal being groomed.” Adams adds that Manna Pro customers already trust the Calm Coat brand, and will be able to find Calm Coat PreClip wherever other fine Manna Pro products are sold.
PreClip is blended with hypoallergenic moisturizers and emollients that protect an animal’s coat during the clipping or trimming process, while simultaneously keeping clipper blades cooler. Its fresh gardenia scent is pleasant to both the groomer and the animal being groomed, and it is used by trainers and groomers for a professional finish on horses, dogs and all types of show livestock.
Calm Coat is a premium brand of skin and coat care products that has been respected by animal owners for over 30 years. The flagship product, Calm Coat Natural Topical, was originally developed to treat skin ailments at an equine rescue facility in Florida. Today the line has grown to include the essential items that every horse and small animal owner needs in their grooming kit, including shampoos, detanglers, eye cleansers, ear cleansers, fly repellents, chewable treats and supplements. Manna Pro became the exclusive national distributor of Calm Coat products in April 2010.

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